Decluttering – Five Questions When Starting Out

Take a look around your home – what do you see? Piles of mail, heaps of shoes, areas just full of stuff. If so, then you know it is time to start decluttering. However, decluttering can seem to be a daunting task. Where do you start, how long do you need? Here are some simple suggestions to get you on your way:

1. How Do I Start?


How you start decluttering all depends on your personality. Do you prefer to tackle a single room or a single drawer? Or, maybe you want to get rid of three things every day, regardless of what they are. Just make sure you know exactly what you want to get rid of. If even that seems overwhelming, start with low-hanging fruit – expired salad dressings, that sweater that hasn’t fit you in years, or that cracked plate that has been lurking in the cupboard for ages.

2. How Long Do I Need to Declutter?


Again, that depends on you. How much can you allot on a regular basis? Schedule an actual amount of time daily or weekly, whatever works best for you, and stick to it. As to how long it takes to declutter your entire home, that also depends on how much stuff you have. Remember to be patient and flexible; some days will be easier than others.

3. What Do I Do with All This Stuff?


Reduce, reuse, and recycle!: First, donate anything you can – you may not need something, but there are others who do. Recycle anything that can be recycled to avoid filling up the landfill. Many municipalities have facilities to recycle items ranging from hazardous materials, such as paint, to old light bulbs to books to ripped or stained textiles such as towels and shirts. Also, there are companies who can dispose of your larger items for a small fee.

4. Can’t I Just Buy Some More Shelves and Boxes?

You certainly could, but you aren’t actually solving the problem of too much stuff. You simply are just rearranging the items you have. Besides, once you declutter, you may realize that you don’t need any more shelves or boxes – you could have everything you need already!

5. It Looks too Empty…

That is understandable. You became accustomed to seeing your home full of items, and now it looks empty. But don’t rush out and buy anything! The whole point of declutterng is to get rid of stuff you don’t need, not create an excuse to buy more things. Take your time to get used to your tidier surroundings so that this decluttered state feels natural and works better for your household’s needs.

If the idea of a tidy, uncluttered space constantly occupies your mind, then it is time to get started on this project. Fewer things mean less clutter, items that are easier to find, and faster cleaning. But your home didn’t become cluttered quickly, and neither will your decluttering. Just keep to it, and over time, you will appreciate the comfort of a clean and tidier space.