College in 2020: What To Do With Your Student’s Items During the COVID-19 Pandemic

College in 2020 is a strange world to navigate… especially because of the possibility of another COVID outbreak. The question parents of college students all across the country are asking; will there be college this fall? The truth is, with the pandemic still going strong, chances are high that colleges and universities will cancel classes. Some have already announced closings, but many colleges and universities are still undecided. That in itself is causing quite a bit of anxiety for both parents and students, unfortunately. Specifically, it begs the question; what do you do with your college student’s stuff during the coronavirus?

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The reason this question might produce anxiety for you as a parent is simply that, once at college, what will happen if it closes? Your kids are already there, in their campus dorms or living in their apartments off-campus. They’ve moved all their items in too, like desks, dressers, tables, chairs, clothes and, of course, all their books. 

If school closes, what will they do with all those items? It’s not like they can leave it there indefinitely. Also, after this semester is the Holiday break, which is practically a month long. Then there’s the chance that, if the pandemic isn’t under control, classes might not resume until late 2021. 

Even During COVID, 2020 College Dorms and Apartments Are Expensive

It goes without saying that dorms aren’t free (in most cases) and off-campus housing is definitely not free. In fact, at most larger colleges and universities in the United States, dorm and apartment prices are ridiculously high. Having to pay for those dorm rooms or apartments when they’re uninhabited simply doesn’t make sense. College 2020 is expensive enough, to begin with. Adding an extra cost for a service that’s not even in use seems like adding insult to injury. For many families that means having to clear out those dorms rooms and apartments, pronto.

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What Happens if Things Close Due to COVID… Again? Where Do You Put Your 2020 College Student’s Items?

Clearing out your kids’ dorm or apartment is all good and well and makes good financial sense. It leaves you with another big problem; what to do with all their stuff? Sure, if it’s clothing and a few books your college 2020 kid can bring it home for a COVID lockdown. But if it’s bigger stuff, like a sofa, a double bed, a big desk or a couple of dressers, what do you do? They can’t put that on their car or bring it on a plane. (Plus, let’s face it, there might not be any planes flying.) That leaves you with very few options:

1- Rent a moving truck and move all their stuff back home until their college or university opens back up. This might work if your home isn’t too far away. If you’re on the other side of the country it could cost a bundle. Plus, what do you do when their school opens back up again? Rent another truck and move it back again? Sure, it’s possible, but now the cost is getting truly expensive!

2- Sell everything. This is an option but, let’s be honest, it’s not a great option. If your 2020 college student is a freshman, junior, or sophomore they still have a lot of college-time ahead! If you sell their desk, bed, and the rest, you’ll have to buy them again when school starts back up! Plus, some of the things they have might have sentimental value or be too nice to sell. They may also want them for their first apartment after they’re finished with school.

Luckily, option #3 is to rent a storage unit from Hideaway Storage.

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Why Storing Their College 2020 Stuff During a COVID Shutdown With Hideaway Storage Is Your Best Choice

Storing your kid’s college stuff during COVID shutdowns in 2020 locally is by far your best bet, both financially as well as stressfully. See, Hideaway Storage has self-storage centers all over Florida. There’s bound to be a Hideaway Storage facility near your son or daughter’s college or university. That means you can rent a small moving truck for a small price and use a small amount of gas. It also means that, when school opens back up again, their stuff will already be there waiting for them.

At Hideaway Storage they offer safe, clean, and secure storage units of many different sizes. They’re also very affordable (especially compared to the rent on an apartment or dorm room). Every Hideaway Storage facility has 24/7 security cameras for extra security and safety. Plus, if you have to go in or leave at night, they keep them very well lit. Speaking of which, getting in is a breeze, even with a moving truck, because the front gate is really big. It’s also keypad-controlled for added security. Without the code, you can’t get in or out.

They make renting a storage unit easy, fast, and convenient at Hideaway Storage. First, you can rent any size unit you need online using their reservation application. It’s quick and easy and, when you’re done, the storage unit will be yours and ready when you arrive. Next, they only offer month-to-month leases on their storage units. That way, if your plans change, you’re not stuck in a long-term lease. Whether you need the storage unit for 1 month, 5 months, or whatever, that’s all you pay for!

Last but not least, Hideaway Storage has on-site managers who are taking extra precautions to keep your child safe during the pandemic. 

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College 2020 Is a Mess. Hideaway Storage Can Help Clean It Up

Here’s the thing; college 2020 during COVID is unlike anything we’ve seen before. It’s a frustrating mess at best that’s throwing everybody for a loop. Your best bet is to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. For most families, that means renting a storage unit from Hideaway Storage. It will save you a lot of time, stress, aggravation, and, frankly, a whole lotta’ money. (And college is already expensive enough, let’s face it!)

If you have kids in college or university right now, it’s a crazy time. With a self-storage unit from Hideaway Storage, you can make it just a little less crazy. If you need help or have questions, you can chat with a Hideaway Storage manager online at any time. Also, if you’re ready to rent a storage unit, you can do it online right now in less than 15 minutes. Best of luck with everything during college 2020!