7 Things to Avoid When Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is one of the tasks that people either love or hate to do. It is time consuming, tiring, and stressful. Spending the time and effort to tidy up, declutter, and clean your home can also be extremely rewarding. Take a look at the following things to avoid when spring cleaning if you want your house to look and smell its best without creating unnecessary work for yourself.

1. Not Creating a Plan


One of the biggest mistakes when you begin the task of decluttering and cleaning is forgetting to create a plan. Decide what you are going to accomplish and gather necessary supplies before you begin. 

2. Not Setting Aside Enough Time

Spring cleaning is one of the biggest tasks you can tackle. If you don’t set aside plenty of time, you won’t be able to finish your goals.

3. Not Figuring Out How to Declutter 

Getting rid of the stuff that is taking up space in your home takes careful planning. You need to figure out a strategy that allows you to determine what you should keep and what you should donate, throw away, or sell. Make sure that you also have a plan for getting rid of the clutter such as a place to drop off donations or a junk yard that accepts oversized items.

4. Not Decluttering

Now that you have a plan on how to declutter, it is important that you use it. If you avoid the decluttering process just because it seems overwhelming, you won’t be able to clean properly.

5. Not Using Chemical-free Cleaners


One of the goals of spring cleaning is to freshen up your home. This goal typically includes getting your home to look and smell nice. It may also include making the air that you breathe cleaner and safer by removing dust, dirt, pollen, and pollutants. Choosing cleaning formulas containing harsh chemicals adds harmful substances to your air, while also creating an unnatural odor.

6. Not Getting Rid of Your Stuff

Resist the urge to put off dealing with all of the stuff you’ve decided to remove from your home. Even though you are going to be tired once you’ve finished with your spring cleaning, now is the best time to drop off unwanted possessions.

7. Avoiding Difficult Things to Clean


Some items in the home are more difficult to clean than others. This is the reason why the temptation to avoid certain things in the home while tidying up can be strong. After all, few people actually enjoy scrubbing the toilet, crawling behind the appliance to remove dust, or vacuuming out the crawlspace. None of these chores are enticing. However, the task of spring cleaning is simpler and less unpleasant if you accept that you need to clean everything.

Avoiding the things that are difficult or unpleasant to clean can prolong the task of decluttering and sanitizing your home. Make a plan and stick to it if you want to get through the process of spring cleaning as easily and quickly as possible. 

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About the Author: Rob Loveless