6 Fun Things to Do in Tampa Metro

The sun is out and shining, well most of the time, and it is important to take advantage of the time. Now that the storm clouds have finally stopped blocking the sun most of the days of the week, it is important to have something to do with the family. It may have been a while since your last outing and need a couple of ideas on how to spend the afternoon. Just for that exact reason, we have found six found things to do in the Tampa metro area.

Tampa Zoo

If there is ever a great way to spend an afternoon, it is at the zoo. There is a certain majesty to seeing exotic animals and flora. There is a unique experience to seeing a bear and tiger within a short walk of each other. Most importantly, supporting zoos helps to support wildlife conservation efforts around the world. This helps ensure that these creatures can be enjoyed by kids for generations to come.

International Independent Showmen’s Museum

On one hand, it is basically a museum to clowns, carnies, and entertainers, on the other it looks an awful lot like the sort of abandoned amusement park that would be used by a Batman villain. Take from that what you will, but it provides a great place to get some background on the world of entertainment. From carnival rides to the evolution of popular traveling entertainment, there is something for everyone.

Manatee Viewing Center


An extension, really, of the zoo conceptually; the Manatee Viewing Center serves as an excellent opportunity to view some of this protected species in relative comfort. This is an important species for maintaining the near coast and keeping the waters healthy and clean. While they are an odd-looking creature, they are incredibly important for the bay that we all enjoy.

Busch Gardens


You really can’t make a list of things to do in the Tampa Metro area and exclude Busch Gardens. Its exclusion feels incredibly purposeful – especially because it is an amusement park. With rollercoasters, tower drops, and a whole mess of other rides there is something to fit every interest and thrill-seeking desire. For the best experience, be sure to head out early in the day to beat the lines, nothing kills a trip like waiting in line for half the day.

Ybor City


Known for its boutiques and vintage shops, this neighborhood offers a great opportunity to fill a home with unique and conversation starting pieces for the home. If you are looking for a unique item to really tie the room together, there really is no place better to start than Ybor City. Even if you aren’t in the market for anything, the architecture of the neighborhood makes walking around a fascinating experience.

iFly Tampa


If you have always wanted to go skydiving but have always been horrified that the parachute wouldn’t deploy, you’re in luck! iFly Tampa features a vertical wind tunnel with a max wind speed of 160 miles per hour. This is open to most ages – children under 3 cannot use the wind tunnel for safety reasons, but it makes for a great day out with the family nonetheless.