6 Effective Ways to Declutter Your Car’s Interior

Once you finished decluttering your house, it’s time to turn your attention to your car. Yes, you read that right. While we often associate our homes with clutter, our cars are often just as messy and sometimes even worse. Since most families use their vehicle every day, trash, dirt, and household items have a tendency of building up quickly–especially if you have kids in the backseat! Keep reading to learn how to declutter your car and tidy up in record time.

1. Throw Out All the Garbage

The first step to decluttering your car is throwing out the accumulated trash. All those food wrappers, empty bottles, and parking stubs need to go! To speed up this step, bring a plastic bag into the car and fill it up, rather than taking trips from the car to your garbage bin.

2. Clear Out the Storage Areas

Car owners often hide secret clutter in your trunk, glove compartment, car doors, and even behind the visors. Well, your secret is out and it’s time tidy up these storage areas! As a basic rule of thumb, never leave anything in your car that you don’t absolutely need. If you don’t use an item every day or it’s not a must-have document like your car’s registration papers, it belongs in your house.

3. Buy Some Organizers


Storage organizers aren’t only for inside your home. They can be helpful tools to declutter your vehicle too! For your trunk, consider getting mesh bines to hold clothing and shoes, thus avoiding bacteria growth, along with regular plastic containers for groceries and other items. While in your glove compartment, use a small accordion folder to organize your proof of insurance, registration, and other necessary documents.

4. Wet Wipes are Your BFF


Whether you like to eat and drink inside your car or you have young kids, wet wipes are a must-have. Keep a package of wipes in your glove compartment or the pocket of your car door, so they’re always close at hand to clean up any spills or sticky fingers.

5. DIY Car Trashcans


To avoid trash buildup, you need a mini trashcan in your car. While you can buy trash bins specifically designed for vehicles, a plastic cereal container is a great DIY alternative. Simply line the container with a plastic bag and store it in your car door or wherever it fits best.

6. Clean Your Floor Mats


After weeks of heavy foot traffic, your car’s floor mats are definitely not looking their best, especially during the wetter and snowier seasons. Now is your opportunity to take your mats out for a good vacuuming, treat any stains, and get rid of odors with a baking soda treatment. If your floor mats are rubber, rinse them off with water and remove any peddles from the channels, and then allow the mats to dry before returning them to the car.

Do you have any great tips for spiffing up your car’s interior? Let us know! And watch this space for more articles on how to declutter your life.