What to Do With a Spare Room: 5 Ideas!

Whether you’re an empty-nester or just happen to have a spare room in your home, you’re probably wondering what to do with your spare room. Before you turn that spare room into a place to toss your dirty laundry, there plenty of ingenious ways you can make the most out of this extra space. Read on for five helpful spare room ideas that can transform that extra space in your home into something useful.

1. A Dual-Purpose Room

multi-purpose room with day bed

If you have one spare room you’re wondering what to do with, you might be conflicted about turning it into a guest bedroom. Combat this problem by making the room serve more than one purpose. Instead of putting a bed in the room, try a daybed, convertible sofa, or futon instead. This will give you a comfortable place to sit and relax, and then it easily converts to a bed when guests stay over. Try to get two or more purposes out of one room to make the absolute most of the space. Spruce things up with some fun décor and artwork so the room is cheerful and inviting.

2. Home Office Space

room with small writing desk

You can add a desk and chair in your spare room to transform it into a home office. Try to get two or more purposes out of one room to make the absolute most of the space. Spruce things up with some fun décor and artwork so the office feels cheerful and inviting. Whether you work from home or just need a quiet place to work on your affairs, having a dedicated home office is always a plus.

3. Use the Room for Kitchen Storage

large canning pantry from converted room

What can you do with a spare room if you love to cook, host big parties, or just want to prepare for future emergencies? Consider converting the spare room into a master pantry. This will serve the dual purpose of allowing you plenty of room for all your kitchen supplies, and allows you to declutter your kitchen. All that, without having to sacrifice space in your home for these supplies. It might make sense to invest in shelves for this new space.

4. Game Room or Man Cave

3D rendering of a man cave

Next on the list of “what to do with a spare room” is… of course, converting it into a second hang out area for a little “me time,” space for kids, video games, etc! If you don’t have a garage or basement, don’t use it for storage! Transform your spare room into an awesome hangout spot. (You can store your other things in a storage unit.) Add things like comfy bean bag chairs, a gaming console, and a flat-screen TV. Bring in board games, a card table, and chairs to make this room a fun area where everyone can relax and have some fun. A mini-fridge is an awesome addition, too. Fill it with drinks so everyone can grab one while they’re playing and hanging out.

5. Rent it Out

wondering what to do with a spare room? how about renting it for some extra cash?

To really get the most out of what you can do with your spare room, consider renting it out temporarily. Services like Airbnb allow you to capitalize on your home and make extra money. Before you list the room, be sure it’s clean, comfortable, and has everything a guest will need. Market the room based on your location and mention things that would appeal to potential renters. When you turn your spare room into a “vacation spot,” you’ll not only make use of this space, but you’ll also turn it into a profitable venture. Be sure to check with your local jurisdiction on the rules for things like Airbnb and other online room rental companies. It’s important to fully understand how to rent your spare room correctly so you do it safely and for a profit.

Whether it’s a nice, cozy bedroom for guests or a spot for storage, these spare room ideas will help you get the absolute maximum out of your extra space.

This article was originally published on 10/08/19

This article was updated on 11/19/20