5 Steps to Tidy Up Your Life

Unless you are someones who actually enjoys spring cleaning, the thought of tidying up your home can be unpleasant. After all, who wants to be stuck indoors when the sunshine is inviting you outside? Following a few good strategies and using a number of organizational habits can make a huge difference in how long this task actually takes. Plus, if you learn how to declutter efficiently, you won’t need to tidy up so frequently. Here are five steps designed to ease the process of getting your home back in order.

1. Pick Up Your Stuff

The sight of a messy room may cause you to rethink your decision to declutter your life. Giving in to this feeling is only going to make the problem worse. Just jump in and start to pick up all of your possessions that are no longer where they should be. Put each of these items on your furniture. The ability to see your floors clearly should give you the motivation to keep up with this task.

2. Put Away Your Stuff

As soon as you are finished picking up your stuff, it is time to tidy up. One of the most useful organizational habits to develop as you declutter is to only put things where they belong. Having a storage spot for everything that you own makes it much easier to keep your home neat and tidy. If you find something in the wrong storage location, just put it where it belongs. If there isn’t enough room to hold the items you’ve gathered, you should identify things to donate or discard.

3. Donate or Discard 


The easiest items to get rid of are the ones that have outlived their usefulness. The difficulty comes in when you have to decide what to give away even though it is still in good condition. Although it will take time and effort, you should try on each piece of clothing and pair of footwear. This strategy allows you to find the items that no longer fit well or feel good while you are wearing them.

Next on the decluttering list is to get rid of duplicates and triplicates in kitchen items, tools, books, and office supplies. While these items may not be identical, they aren’t needed if they serve the same purpose. 

Gather all of the items that you wish to donate in boxes or bags. You can drop them off or arrange for a pick-up from a charitable organization. 

4. Clear Off Surfaces


It is important to fill in the openings in your closets, cabinets, and shelves with the things that were leftover from step 2. If you still don’t have enough room, you may want to look for more things to give away or toss in the trash.

5. Clean and Polish


As soon as you’ve finished your handiwork, take the time to clean, dust, and polish the furniture and floors for the final touches in tidying up your home. Remember that you can always go back and evaluate your belongings in search of more items to donate.

As you declutter your life, you may discover a new sense of vitality, purpose, and contentment. Take the time to do it at least once a year to keep your home looking attractively neat.