5 Tips For the Person With a Cluttered Home Office

If you find yourself with an extra room, you work from home or use a home office to perform daily tasks, it’s important that your space allows for optimum productivity. With so many things happening today, it’s easy for a home office to become cluttered and disheveled. You can easily give your office a new, more organized update with a few simple changes. Read on for five home office organization tips that will give you a feeling of accomplishment and calm.

1. Avoid a Cluttered Home Office & Keep a Good Filing System

Paperwork is one of the main causes ofstress in any cluttered home office. You can keep this problem at bay with some easy file organization. Add a file cabinet to the room and use hanging folders with tabs. Write the category of the paperwork on each tab like home-related papers, financial information, or contracts. You can also color code your files to give each category a specific color. This will make finding what you need fast and easy.

2. Change the Layout

When it comes to interior design, the home office should not be overlooked. Take a close look at your current layout and room design, then consider moving some furniture around. Keep shelving and file cabinets close to your desk for easy access. This will save you time since you won’t need to continually get up and walk across the room to access what you need. Make a layout that’s functional and simple so you can focus on the task at hand and always avoid a cluttered home office.

3. Update your Desk

a functional desk that keeps you from having a cluttered home office

A quality desk is invaluable when it comes to any workspace. Consider buying a new desk that has a ton of drawers for things like pens, sticky notes, and paperclips. A pull-out keyboard drawer will free up surface space on the desk. Desks with a hutch are especially helpful since they provide vertical shelving. You can use the hutch to store or display books, office accessories, and more. The hutch is also a wonderful addition to a desk since it gives you more room to store and organize things close to you. Bonus tip: keep a cluttered home office looking tidy by finding a desk with doors to hide miscellaneous items.

4. Use Wall Space to your Advantage

wall space used for work

If your home office is roomy, you likely have plenty of wall space that’s not being used. Add a cork bulletin board so you can pin notes and to-do lists to it. A large wall calendar will give you the current date at a glance. Try a whiteboard that uses dry erase markers so you can quickly jot down important notes, then wipe them away when your task is complete. You can also install shelving on the walls for additional organization.

5. Keep your Workspace Clear

a tidy home office that is not cluttered

A cluttered home office can be distracting and create a feeling of uneasiness. Get rid of as much clutter as possible – your office should not be a dumping ground for sentimental items, heirloom furniture, etc. Consider renting a storage unit for excess furniture – a tidy space keeps a tidy mind! This includes items that are taking over your desktop. Throw away old notes or paperwork you no longer need. Store small office accessories like paper clips and other items in small containers or keep them in drawers. When you eliminate the clutter, you’ll free your mind to focus more on the things you need to get accomplished.