10 Doubts of First Time Parents

Whether you’re planning to have a big family or just a small one, parenting comes with a lot of challenges. Being a first-time parent can be confusing, scary, and even frustrating. It’s normal to worry about how things will work out. Yet, with the right advice, you’ll be able to find some peace of mind. Here are a few insights that will help dispel your doubts.

1. “We can’t afford a child…”

Many people assume that having a child is very expensive. While you could choose to spend a lot of money, that’s not what makes a child happy. Your newborn baby just wants to be loved.

Of course, you have to give your baby physical care and protection. What matters is that your baby budget covers all the necessities. Beyond that, you might be worrying about things your baby doesn’t even care about.

2. “Things are not perfect”

You may still have a dozen things on your shopping list. Plus, you want to change the color in the spare room, where your baby will sleep. It’s normal to want things to be perfect.  Again, what your baby cares about is feeling loved. As long as you take care of all the basic needs, you will have a happy baby.

3. “I still have 10 baby books to read.”

Reading about parenting can be helpful. At the same time, you don’t have to read every book on the subject. In reality, you can only learn through experience. Many books also offer conflicting opinions. The point is, if you have read one or two books, you’re probably fine.

4. “We’re never gonna get a chance to sleep again.”

While there is some truth to this, the joy of being a parent will even things out. In the beginning, it’s likely that your baby will keep you up at night. You can work with each other so that you share the load. And, as the baby grows you’ll naturally fall into a routine that works for you.

5. “There is so much to figure out!”

If that’s something you’re thinking, you’re right. Being a parent is a lifelong process. The good news is, you will figure it all out. Yes, you’ll make some mistakes. But, that’s only part of being human. Focus on doing your best and things will work themselves out.

6. “What if I’m a bad parent…”

Very often people are scared that they won’t be good parents. In particular, if you had a rough childhood, you may think you’re not up to the task. The good news is, just the fact that you want to be a great parent is important. It shows that you care and you won’t take your role for granted. So relax, you’re going to do great!

7. “But in the movies, it happened differently…”

There are many good movies about parenting, such as “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”. Keep in mind that they’re just that: movies. Don’t try to live up to unrealistic Hollywood standards. Besides, once your baby arrives you’ll get a reality check that will change your views about this.

8. “Do I have to know the sex of the child?”

Thanks to the wonders of technology, you can find out the sex of the baby before it’s born. Yet, many couples prefer to leave that as a surprise. If that’s you, that’s a perfect way to go about things. After all, it seems to be the way nature intended things to be.

Don’t worry about clothes, colors, and things like that. Once your baby arrives, you’ll be able to sort that out. And again, what matters the most is the love you give to your child.

9. “What should be the baby’s name?”

This is a tough one. The name you give your baby will last a lifetime, or until a more suitable nickname presents itself.  It’s easy to get stuck trying to pick the right one. Take your time though – you have a few months to decide. Also, trust your gut feeling, you’ll definitely get it right when it’s time.

10. “I’ve never changed a nappy in my life!”


Well, there is a first time for everything. And, fortunately, changing nappies is not rocket science. You’ll become an expert after the first couple of times. Your baby will love you for it too!