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Hide-Away Storage Lists Top Ten Reasons People Use Self Storage During Holidays

Sarasota, FL (PRWEB) December 15, 2010

Hide-Away Storage Offers Free “Santa’s Closet” to Customers and Lists Top Ten Reasons People Use Self Storage During The Holidays

Hide-Away Storage is offering its nearly 6,500 Florida self storage customers a holiday gift of a free “Santa’s Closet,” or locker-size storage unit, to use during the holiday season as a place to keep presents out of sight until Christmas day.

“We know there are a lot of reasons why people need extra space during the holidays, so we thought this would be a good way to give back to our customers,” said Steve Wilson, managing partner of Hide-Away Storage, which has storage locations in Bradenton, Sarasota, St. Petersburg, Ft. Myers and Naples.

Wilson also said Hide-Away has issued a slightly tongue-in-cheek list of the top 10 reasons people use self-storage during the holidays. Here’s Hide-Away’s humorous list of the top 10 reasons people use self storage because of the holidays:

1. Extra room for the visiting relatives. No, you can’t store your relatives, but you can store the extra stuff in your guest room to make room for the relatives.

2. Somewhere to hide the Christmas presents. Do you really think that your kids haven’t figured out that you hide the presents on the top shelf in the closet and under the bed?

3. A place to store the Christmas lights and decorations. Your neighbors really don’t want to see your Christmas lights and roof-top reindeers all year long.

4. A comfortable hideaway for your inflatable Santas and Snowmen. You don’t really think that your kids are going to let you go another year without buying one of those inflatable Christmas decorations like your neighbors, who now have 12 in their yard.

5. A safe place to store the Santa suit and beard. We know you said that last Christmas was going to be the last for playing Santa at the holiday party, but the odds aren’t looking good. Might want to save it for one more year.

6. Storage for Christmas gifts that you plan to re-gift next year. Let’s face it. You’re going to get a gift that you just can’t stand, but you don’t have the heart to throw away because your favorite aunt gave it to you. Just store the present until you can re-gift it next year.

7. A hiding place for your excess purchases from “Black Friday.” If your husband finds out just how much “stuff” you got on Black Friday, you’re a dead woman. Or, if your wife finds out just how many tools you picked up at the home store annual clearance sale, you’re a dead man.

8. An out-of-the-way place for last year’s exercise equipment. It doesn’t really matter that you haven’t used the exercise equipment that you received last Christmas. It’s a new year, and a new piece of equipment has found its way into your home.

9. Storage for the artificial Christmas tree. Haven’t you heard that it’s not environmentally friendly to be cutting down trees each year to use for decoration? Time to buy a fake tree. (Full disclosure: some of the writers involved in this article still kill trees each year for Christmas.)

10. Seasonal clothing that just doesn’t fit in your home. You live in Florida. Be realistic. How many times can you really wear those wool sweaters you brought down from up north? Keep them protected in air-conditioned storage until you need that reindeer sweater for the holiday party.

About Hide-Away Storage
Hide-Away Storage operates 10 traditional self-storage facilities and two Mobile Storage warehouses on the Southwest coast of Florida. The self storage facilities are located in St. Petersburg, Ellenton, Bradenton, Sarasota, Ft. Myers, and Naples, Florida. Hide-Away delivers portable storage units in Pinellas, Manatee, Sarasota, Lee and Collier Counties. The company also provides full-service moving of household goods. Hide-Away has approximately one million square feet of storage space, and is headquartered in Sarasota, Florida. The company was started in 1977 in Bradenton by Steve Wilson, who remains the managing partner.

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