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Hide-Away Storage Offers Free Storage to Families Experiencing Foreclosure

For More Information Contact: Meisha Wilson 941-782-1706
June 2009

Hide-Away Storage is offering free self-storage spaces to help families caught up in a foreclosure and who need temporary storage for their belongings while relocating to another home.

The new policy began this week. Hide-Away's owners said they would provide two months of free storage and two months of storage at half price to families who are forced to relocate because of a foreclosure. Hide-Away Storage has seven locations in the Sarasota and Manatee Counties, plus other locations in St. Petersburg, Fr. Myers and Naples.

"It is painful to see so many persons being squeezed out of their homes by the current economic mess and foreclosure epidemic. Hide-Away wants to do something to help all these families and that is why we've made this offer," said Steve Wilson, managing partner for the Hide-Away organization.

"The free and discounted storage rent at Hide-Away applies to both our air conditioned spaces and also our 24-hour access garage-type spaces," he said.

More than 5,000 foreclosure suits have been filed in Manatee and Sarasota Counties so far this year, and the number is increasing. Foreclosures in both counties are contributing to the area's unemployment and poor real estate market by putting a lid on home prices and home building.

Wilson said he expects to see the flood of foreclosures continue, because so many persons have lost their jobs and so many persons took out loans which they could not have paid back even in good economic times.

Hide-Away Storage has been in the self-storage business in Southwest Florida for more than 30 years. It was among the first companies to offer both air conditioned and 24-hour access garages at the same location. It's most recent innovation has been to introduce Mobile Self Storage. This is a service where the company delivers storage containers to a customer's home. After they are filled by the customer, Hide-Away picks up the containers and keeps them in an air conditioned warehouse until customer needs them back.