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By Steve Wilson, President
Hide-Away Storage Services, Inc.

This is an edited version of a talk delivered to the “team members” of Hide-Away Storage.

We have a very simple company purpose statement.

The Purpose Of Our Company Is To HONOR JESUS CHRIST by:

BUILDING team members with CARE, and
ADDING value to our COMMUNITY.

A compass is used by airplane pilots, ship captains or even hikers to point to their destination. The U.S. Constitution provides direction and guidance to our government. Our company purpose statement serves the same purpose as a compass or the constitution. It helps us as a company target our goals, and guide our work in the business.

The company’s purpose statement plays a key role in the integrity of our business. Integrity is lining up our behavior with our stated purpose . When they do not line up, our actions become hypocritical, and I do not want to be accused of being a hypocrite.

So please let me know when you see my behavior, the policies of our company, or the behavior of any person in our company which does not line up with our purpose statement. When our behavior does not line up with our purpose statement, we will either change our purpose statement, or we will change our behavior.

Let me briefly go over our purpose statement point-by-point to make sure everyone understands its meaning:

1. SERVE customers with excellence. We are here to serve customers – not merely take their money. At all times we are to be of service. We will SERVE, regardless of how unappreciative a customer might seem. And our purpose is to serve others in a superior, first-rate manner.

2. MANAGE assets with diligence. This means we will not waste supplies, pay more than necessary, or defer needed maintenance. It also means we will seek for the highest possible profit for our investors, provided we always act with integrity.

3. BUILD team members with care. This is a tough assignment for me, personally, and I’ve fallen down on this one all too often. Our commitment does not mean that we will not have disagreements with our “team members,” or that we will not expect a high level of performance from them. However, it means we will treat all of our “team members” with the highest possible level of care, as if they were a precious work of art.

And indeed, if we are all made in the “image of God” as the Bible says, then we are precious works of art and every person, regardless of position, deserves to be treated as such.

4. HONOR God in all we do. It is easy to agree in an abstract way with this idea of “honoring God.” However, I can imagine that many of you are wondering, “What does it mean in the concrete world of business to ‘honor God’?”

I want to give four examples of how each of us can “honor God” in our work. There are many more examples I could give of “honoring God,” but these four will keep us challenged for the time being.


First, we honor God by loving others. What most people these days mean by “love” is really “lust.” “Love” is much more than physical or emotional attraction. Love is seeking the best for another person. In other words, to “love” someone is to seek the best for the other person.


Certainly the question comes up, “Does ‘loving’ others in a business environment mean neglecting to collect rent, purchasing at the highest price, and not expecting people to show up for work?” Certainly not!

Love is not a give away. Love is not the absence of diligence. Love is acting with integrity to seek the best for others within the context of our multiple obligations.

But someone might ask, “How does loving others honor God?”

Loving others honors God, because God loves us and seeks the best for us. So as we love others and seek the best for them, we are reflecting the nature of God. And we honor God as we reflect His nature


Second, we can honor God by being fair, or exercising justice with others. God Himself is just and fair. As we are just and fair in our daily business dealings with one another, with our tenants and vendors, we reflect God’s nature as a just and fair God. And we honor God as we reflect His nature.


Third, we also honor God by exercising mercy while on the job. It was Shakespeare who called mercy “a gentle rain from heaven.” The prophet Micah in the Old Testament declared, “For what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.” (6:8)

And our God is merciful to us. So as we act with mercy, we not only obey God’s command, but we reflect the very nature of God who is merciful. And we honor God as we reflect His nature.


Fourth, we can honor God by showing respect for others in the work environment. We are created by God with dignity and purpose. We are created in the image of God. He respects us, since He created us in His image. As we show respect for one another, we reflect God’s image. And we honor God as we reflect His nature.

In summation, we are honoring God as we exercise these virtues of love, justice, mercy and respect, because we are reflecting His character.

I do not believe that it is too much to ask of me or of any or our “team members” that we always reflect God’s nature by exercising these virtues every day in our jobs.

These are four concrete ways in which we can honor God as we carry on our business.

Permit me one final observation. If we HONOR GOD, automatically we SERVE customers with excellence, MANAGE assets with diligence, and BUILD “team members” with care.

I encourage each of you to hold me personally accountable to our company’s purpose statement. And I ask that each member of our “team” also live up to this standard and hold each other to the same standard. And ultimately, I ask that all of our tenants and others with whom we do business hold each of us to this standard.