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Steve and Maureen Wilson didn't realize it at first, but God's hand was involved as they opened their first Hide-Away Storage location off Cortez Road in Bradenton nearly 30 years ago. Gradually God has made it clear to both of them that He wanted to use Hide-Away Storage as a tool to expand His kingdom. That understanding of God's purpose has remained clear through the years as they have expanded the company's locations and added owners. The company's current vision is to become a Kingdom Class Company. That means to become a company which reflects the character, presence and will of Jesus Christ in all company actions.

The company's ministry began with such simple things as having Bibles, tapes, DVDs and other Christian materials available in the offices for customers to pick up. With the expansion of its Portable Storage operation, Hide-Away has been able to include its ministry materials in the Portable Storage boxes themselves for many customers who never set foot in a facility. The company has also been involved in financially supporting many God-honoring efforts, particularly those focused on building families and helping people see how Jesus can change their lives eternally.

However, distributing materials and making financial contributions are only part of Hide-Away's efforts to be a Kingdom Class Company. The most important way Hide-Away can reflect the character, presence and will of Jesus is through the every day actions of Hide-Away team members with each other and with their customers, venders and others who come into contact with Hide-Away. It is in the daily workplace environment where Hide-Away team members can best reflect the character, presence and will of Jesus Christ.

Probably the greatest opportunity for Hide-Away to live out its vision as a Kingdom Class Company is in the day-to-day care for our thousands of customers - particularly those who are in crisis situations. Working through our Hide-Away team members, the company has provided temporary housing and assistance for those in need, counseling for persons in crisis, and often just sympathetic listening to people who need to talk. Another action step Hide-Away has taken toward becoming Kingdom Class Company has been to employ a company chaplain, who serves the needs of both team members and customers. Many people do not have a pastor or church affiliation, and the chaplain fills that void.

Within the company itself, management strives to treat each team member as Christ Himself would treat them. This is a "work in progress," and there have been plenty of failures along the way. Of course, not everyone agrees on just what the practical standards should be. Nevertheless, the goal remains to treat each team member with the care and understanding of Christ. And the expectation is that each team member, in turn, will treat others with that same love and care that Christ would shower upon them.

The management believes that God will open new opportunities for Hide-Away to reflect the character, presence and will of Jesus Christ. Whatever develops, however, the following "core values" will be our guide.


Honesty is the foundation of all we do.

We will endeavor to display God's love in all we do. A primary way God displayed His love for us was through servanthood, and we also will strive to serve others.

We will seek always to see people and their needs as the ultimate expression of value.

Whatever we do shall be done with excellence.