The Best Neighborhoods in Bradenton, FL

Sarasota and Tampa have their charms, no doubt. But if you’re tired of all that traffic, Bradenton offers small-town charm only a stone’s throw away. There are so many pros to living in Bradenton; it’s a wonder the whole world doesn’t move here! Our favorite part is all that sunshine and the neighborhoods that offer an authentic, hometown feel. Read on to find out more about the Best Neighborhoods in Bradenton, FL.

The Best Neighborhoods in Bradenton, FL

Best Neighborhoods in Bradenton: Wares Creek

Just west of Bradenton’s downtown area sits Wares Creek. It’s here that you’ll find street after street of homes from the ’20s and ’30s that the locals lovingly refer to as ‘Sears houses.’ They’re smaller and, to be honest, most require a good renovation. But what they lack in closet space and trendy decor makes up for in a big way with charm and eccentricity. 

Unlike many areas in Bradenton, Wares Creek hasn’t fallen victim to tear-downs. Instead, the folks who are buying homes in Wares Creek are remodeling them! You can find a 3-bedroom, 2-bath bungalow for under $250,000, not a bad price for your piece of paradise.

Many of the people who renovate homes here rent self-storage units during construction. It’s the best way to keep your household goods safe from any dirt and grime. Most find that temperature controlled self storage is best due to the humidity in Bradenton.

One of the biggest perks of living in Wares Creek has to be the music and art scene. Since the inaugural Bradenton Blues Festival in 2012, musicians have been making this part of Brandenton their home. The area is full of soul and jazz around every corner. This is truly one of the best neighborhoods in Bradenton.

Best Neighborhoods in Bradenton: Azalea Park

In northwest Bradenton sits Azalea Park, one of the most picturesque parts of the entire city. The ‘Old Florida’ vibes are thick with flowering shade trees and vintage-looking construction. One of the perks of Azalea Park is that it’s quiet and safe. Not to mention, De Soto National Memorial Park is close by, with its beautiful views of the Manatee River.

Despite its ‘old’ feel, the homes in Azalea Park are only about 30 years old. Since the homes are newer, you won’t find many problems like you would with historic houses. The neighborhood has a good mix of younger families, adult professionals, and retirees. It’s also considered an affluent area; however, there are still affordable homes. Don’t miss the annual block parties, which have to be the most endearing part of living here.

best neighborhoods in Bradenton

Boating Neighborhood in Bradenton: Riverview Boulevard

While not as affordable as some of the other areas, Riverview Boulevard is a beautiful place to live. As you make your way through the area, its mood and atmosphere change like the tide. You’ll find mansions on the one end, cottages from the ’30s, and homes from the ‘50s with a mid-century feel on the south-side. 

Many of the houses here in Riverview Boulevard are on the water. The Manatee River and other bodies of water flow like a maze through the area. Most of these will take you out to the Gulf of Mexico, making Riverview a boating-enthusiast haven. Like other parts of Bradenton, residents are renovating instead of tearing down.

A Variety of Home Styles in Bradenton: Point Pleasant

Along the Manatee River, Point Pleasant is ‘quintessentially Bradenton’. The reason is simple; 100 years of homes of all styles, including Colonial, Spanish, and Cottage. The area is a magnet for creative types, including authors and painters. Many reside in the 1920’s-era Point Pleasant Apartments. They’re tiny, no doubt, but retain a charm that many adore to this day. The occasional apartment hits the market at about $100,000. That low price range makes them very popular for younger folks or retirees.

If you’re moving to Point Pleasant (or Bradenton in general), a self-storage unit will be helpful while you find the perfect home! That way, your belongings are kept safe while you make your transition.

Baseball History in Bradenton: Palma Sola Park 

Why is Palma Sola Park one of the best neighborhoods in Bradenton? The best way to describe Palma Sola Park is with two words; old-fashioned. After the Civil War, residents settled in this part of Bradenton. In the 1920s, it became one of the area’s first planned communities. The homes here aren’t the biggest or the most expensive, but they are some of the most well-groomed. 

Baseball fans will swoon knowing that, during the 1930s, Dizzy Dean lived in Palma Sola Park. With street names like Montezuma and Estremadura, you’ll feel like you’re in the Spanish Colonial days. Indeed, Palma Sola Park has its fair share of legends. After 100+ years, it’s still a wonderful place to live.

best neighborhoods in Bradenton

In Closing

There are so many lovely neighborhoods in Bradenton; it’s hard to list them all. After all, they don’t call it “The Friendly City” for nothing. Something else you’ll find friendly is the help you’ll get from HideAway Storage. If you’re renovating in Bradenton, or just moving here, let us help! We offer a variety of storage units in a safe, secure location. That includes 24/7 security cameras and large, touchpad-controlled front gates. Plus, when you’re ready, you can reserve a storage unit online for the ultimate convenience!

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